Inflatable water play mat for babies

A unique mat that allows you to develop your child's body and mind. The water mat for babies is made of high-quality plastic that guarantees extraordinary durability.
While playing on the mat, the child learns to use different muscle groups to maintain balance and move independently.
It is an extremely helpful exercise that increases the strength and endurance of the legs, arms, abdomen and back.
The most important features of the mat:
• proper development of infants from 6 months of age
• develops the muscles of the head, neck, shoulders, back and abdomen
• improves general motor and sensory skills, supporting faster brain development
• 5 contrasting animals swimming inside
• BPA free and without other toxic materials
• CE approval
• 100% strength and tightness
• dimensions 67 x 49 cm

Instructions manual: inflate the outer part of the mat (its edges) with air through the groove on the back, and then pour water through the larger opening straight from the tap into the center.
Warning! Remember, never leave a child unattended. Thoroughly inspect the product before each use. If there are any signs of wear or damage, immediately throw away.