Made of special, safe and sterilized material intended for contact with food. Stored food does not lose its properties and nutritional values. It can be stored both in the fridge and in the freezer. The design of the pouch allows it to be placed vertically without the risk of spillage. The product does not contain Bisphenol A (0% BPA).

  1. Using the breast milk storage bags:
  • write current date on bag;
  • wash your hands with soap and rinse before handling bag;
  • open the bag and place in a standing position;

Caution! To keep inside sterile, do not put your finger and do not blow air;

  • pour the freshly express breast milk into the bag, please do not exceed capacity 150ml to allow space at the top of the bag for expansion.
  1. Storage:
  Freshly express breast milk Defrost breast milk
Fridge Up to 96 hours Up to 24 hours
Refrigerator 3-6 months Do nor refreeze







  1. Refreezing method:
  • to heat up use water bath, but do not exceed the temperature 50°C. It is recommend to defrost slow overnight to obtain a liquid consistency;
  • never defrost or heat milk in microwave oven;
  • do not boil milk;
  • check the temperature of milk before feeding;
  1. Warnings:
  • single - use only:
  • pay attention to hygiene before use;
  • you may freeze only fresh breast milk;
  • never mix fresh and defrost milk;
  • never freeze thawed milk again;
  • do not fill the bag with hot liquid;
  • throw away any nourishment left;
  • keep away from children;

Keep the manual as it contains important information.

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