A dual-purpose set from the „akuku” brand  for bathing fun:

- a strainer for catching balls

- a basket into which we throw the balls (it is enough to mount it to the tiles or the bathtub wall)

A bath toys set for catching animals from the „akuku” brand. The perfect educational bath toy. It will make every baby's bath pleasant. It will teach Your child to distinguish colors, shapes and develop hand-eye coordination. The animal balls and the net float in the water. In addition, it is a perfect solution for parents whose child is afraid of water and does not like bathing. A good way to accustom the baby to water through play. All elements have holes into which the water flows in and out. Great entertainment for a toddler. It is not easy to catch all the animals in the strainer, because when you try to fish, the toys change their position. It is even more difficult to hit the basket with the balls, which will develop the toddler's accuracy skills.

Made of safe, high-quality materials.

The set includes fishing net/basket and 3 animal balls.