Breast milk collector „akuku” helps nursing mothers to collect milk that leaks from the other breast during feeding. It can also be used as a breast pump when the breasts are full of milk. By gently squeezing the lower part of the collector and putting the funnel to the breast, it sucks on the body and collects food in the silicone reservoir. The funnel groove makes it easy to pour into the bag to freeze the food when needed.

- compact and lightweight

- 100% made of safe BPA-free silicone

- helps you keep every precious drop of milk during feeding or using a breast pump

- flexible and ergonomic, fits tight to the breast.

- quiet and discreet, fits into any handbag so you can always have it with you

- the plastic lid ensures cleanliness and prevents spilling the contents

Set includes:

- silicone collector

- plastic lid