Cup with weight straw.

Cup with weight straw allows to drink from every angle. It is made of plastic material  - TRITAN*, totally BPS free.

This modern technology allows to avoid on surface any scratches and discolorations. It is very resistant to damage and looks like glass. Liquid is being drunk to the last drop. The kid may drink holding the cup even upside down. Irreplaceable at home and during travelling.

Tight closure prevents drinking from pouring and protects straw from dirt. Convenient opening by pressing the push-button. Transparency and overprinted scale allows to control the amount of fluid. Dishwasher safe  - excluding weight straw.

Capacity 250 ml.

Tritan – this modern plastic material does not change the taste of the drinks stored in it. It does not emit any odor, it does not release into food any harmful substances. When choosing containers that are made of it, we are sure of their safety in use, as well as high quality storage of products. Liquid and food stored in it retain freshness for a long time and are protected by negative environmental influences, including UV radiation. What is more, tritan does not absorb the smells and flavours derived from them, so the use of containers that are made of it are much more pleasant and hygienic.