Cup with flip-top straw
Very practical cup for independent drinking designed for toddlers over 9 months old. Useful at home, on a journey or on a walk. Movable parts of the cap allows for an easy and convenient hiding of the straw, preventing uncontrolled spillage. Comfortable handles make it easy for the toddler to hold the cup and learn to be independent. The cup is transparent and therefore it’s easy to control its content. Dishwasher safe.
Instruction manual: keep the product clean. Before the first and each subsequent use, wash the cup and its components in warm water with a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Pour with boiling water. Do not boil. Avoid rough, scratchy tools. After use, clean the mug, tube and cap from the rest of the drink, rinse and wash thoroughly. The mug can be washed in the dishwasher. We do not recommend washing the tube in a dishwasher, as detergents/cleaners can damage the product. The product can’t be used in microwave ovens. Hard water, fruit juices or teas may leave deposits or discolourations on the tube, which does not change its properties. Dense liquids (e.g. with fruit pulp) may clog the tube. The product is not intended to be used for hot or aerated liquids. The product should not be sterilised in steam sterilisers. Check the product before each use. If there are first signs of damage or wear – discard. Do not place the product in a preheated oven or heat it on a gas or electric oven.
For the safety and health of your child. Warning! Always use the product under adult supervision. Continuous and prolonged sucking of liquids may cause decay. Always check the temperature of the food before feeding. Heating in a microwave oven can cause localized high temperatures. The straw is not suitable for children under 6 months of age. Attention! The product is not a toy. Keep all parts of the product out of reach of children.
Replaceable straws available (cat. no. A0201).
Product does not contain bisphenol A (0% BPA).
Capacity 300 ml
Suitable for children aged 9m+