Magic water painting mat 76x58 cm.

Magic water painting mat is a perfect gift for every child. With the help of a special pen filled with water you can create unique drawings that magically disappear when dried. Younger kids can pain by their own fingers and make stamps using their feet or hands, you need just moisten them with water. During painting four colours appear on mat: red, blue, yellow and violet. The magic pen leaves no marks on the skin and clothes of the kid. For older children, a template with numbers and letters and a booklet for learning to draw is included. Size of mat 76x58 cm.

The mat set contains:

- mat,

- 2 magic pens,

- template with numbers and letters,

- booklet for learning to draw.

Now you do not need any crayons or paints. No stains and dirt. For playing just water is required. Mat is reusable, just wait until drawings dried. Creative fun for each child. It stimulates imagination and the development of artistic abilities, exercises manual efficiency. DOES NOT stain hands, face and clothes!!!