Manual nasal aspirator
When your baby’s nose is stuffy, a manual nasal aspirator can help clear it and make your baby more comfortable.
Babies sometimes need help clearing their noses so they can breathe better. A manual nasal aspirator is a simple way to clear your baby’s nose. It uses gentle suction created by you to pull mucus or fluid out of the nose. This device is compact, easy to hold and operate and is safe and comfortable for use with infants or children. Easy to use at home, during the trip, in a car. Aspirator is silent, safe and so easy to clean!
Aspirator’s parts:
1. Silicone tip - 2 pcs
2. Container
3. Nose hose
4. Mouthpiece

How to use
Sit your baby down or hold in your arms.
1. Assemble all parts as per drawing
2. Put the mouthpiece in your mouth.
3. Place silicone tip against child’s nostril (not inside), creating a seal.
4. Suck through the mouthpiece. You can vary the pressure. Each snot sucking session should last about 5 seconds.
5. Repeat until remove all snot.
6. Take apart and wash all parts with warm soap and water, rinse and dry thoroughly. You can also sterilize in hot water. Wash your hands thoroughly.
Do not use the nasal aspirator when the baby/child has the following contraindications: nasal bleeding, nasal irritation or bleeding disorder. This is not a toy and contains small parts, so please keep out of reach and sight of children. Do not microwave. Never blow into the mouthpiece. Do not push the nozzle into your baby’s nostril. Aspirator is to be used in the nose only, not the mouth or ears. This product is NOT intended for use by children and is intended to be used as a parental aid only, as it may present a small parts hazard to children. Never leave a child unattended while using this or any other infant product.